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White Weenie

The contents of this white weenie deck are:

16x Plains
4x  White Knights
4x  Serra Avatar (Urza's Saga)
4x  Mtenda Herder
4x  Tundra Wolves
4x  Nomads-en-Kor
4x  Orim, Samite Healer
2x  Catyclysm
4x  Armageddon
4x  Mesa Pegasus
4x  Reaping the Rewards
4x  Cursed Scroll
2x  Healing Salve

Not the best deck but very effective. Makes use of the new zuran orb
(reaping the rewards). Serra Avatar is probably one of the 5 best
creatures in urza's saga. This deck's only trick is to get out a
pegasus before you armageddon as on the fourth turn it is highly
unlikely that an opponet has a flying creature out.

Difficulty to Play:                          **
Deck Level:                                  ****
Fun Factor:                                  ***
Your dead if you haven't won by the          9 turn
Enemies:                                     Black, Blue
Friends:                                     Red, Green, White
Key Cards:                                   Mesa Pegasus, Cursed
Scroll, Armageddon
Price:                                       $$$    =    $140

People have been amazed that a mono-white deck could be this good

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