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Darn It!

You were just in the final match of the tournament. You were tied 2-2 with your opponet. But your opponet just beat you because you played your deck wrong. Ooh, that smarts! But don't worry, somebody on the internet had that same problem as you did and decided to do something about it! Whallah..........Magic Cards! Strategy!! From the makers of the renowned Xander's Magic and Civ2 comes the best strategy site on the World Wide Web. Fresh of the press are some cunning and advanced strategys guarenteed to take you to the next level. And that other guy we talked about? Oh, you deafeted him in the first round of the Pro Tour Qualifier!!

Below are the differnet sections of this strategy page!

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My Strategy Pages

Ingame Magic! Strategy: This is my ingame Magic! strategy page
Outgame Magic! Strategy: This is my outgame Magic! strategy page

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