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Red Menace

This is my basic mono-red deck:

4x  Incinerate
4x  Mogg Flunkies
4x  Mogg Raider
4x  Suq'ta Lancer
4x  Searing Spear Asarki
2x  Wall of Diffusion
4x  Lightning Blast
4x  Ball Lightning
4x  Fireball
2x  Viashano Sandstalker
2x  Thunderbolt
2x  Null Brooch
4x  Cursed Scroll
15x Mountain
1x  Dwarven Hold

This is a pretty simple red deck. It should be pretty self
explanitory. Save the Thunderbolts for flying creatures and don't be
afraid to use the null broochs.

Difficulty to Play:                                 **
Deck Level:                                         ***
Fun Factor:                                         *****
Your dead if you haven't won by the                 9 turn
Enemies:                                            Black, Blue, White
Friends:                                            Red, Green
Key Cards:                                          Thunderbolt, Null
Brooch, Ball Lightning
Price:                                              $   =   $80

people have been awed by this deck

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