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Congradulations! You have found the best Magic page on the web! Presumably, you have founds this through Xander's Magic and Civ2 page. If you have not, you should visit it through one of the links below! This is MAGIC CARDS! the ultimate Magic authority. Through this page you will be able to view some of the BEST decks on the web! If you would like to see your deck HERE, sign my guestbook at Xander's Magic and Civ2 and through the comments section list your deck. If you do, you should be seeing it here shortly! I will also have a Champions! page. It will be a list of all the tournament winners that I know about. If your name isn't there and it should be, let me know. And finnaly, I will have a strategy page which will have everything from what to say to your opponet to using a 5th Edition City of Brass rather than a Arabian Nights one in your deck. Thanks, and enjoy the best Magic: the Gathering site on the Web!

The Things you can do!

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