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Welcome Gamers!

Hi! Welcome to Xander's Magic and Civ2 page! This page is dedicated to the follower's of these awesome games. Magic: the Gathering is a collectible trading card game. Civilization2 is a computer game under the genre of strategy. For more information on these games, visit my links section. Enjoy the magical world of gaming!

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The Other Parts of MY Page

MAGIC CARDS!: This is the Magic Cards section of my page: Click on the link now!
CIVILIZATION2: Click here to see the Civilization2 part of my page

For further information on Magic and Civ2

Xander's Magic and Civ2: If my page views improperly, click here to refresh it!
Wizards of the Coast: If you don't know how to play Magic, why not visit the manufacturer's home page?
Microprose: For information on Civilization 2, visit the page made by the makers!
GC Guide Frameset-Civ2: A strategy guide for advanced Civilization 2 players
Xander's Magic Cards: Click here to go to my other page!

If you have any questions or comments concerning this site or would like to see YOUR webpage on the list of links, please, say so in my guestbook. Thank you, and enjoy this site.