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Green Machine

The contents of my green deck are:

15x Forest
4x  Llanowar Elves
4x  River Boa
4x  Emerald Medallion
4x  Recycle
3x  Creeping Mold
2x  Desert Twister
2x  Worldly Tutor
2x  Jayemade Tome
4x  Scryb Sprites
3x  Joreal's Centaur
1x  Force of Nature
4x  Trained Armoadon
3x  Wall of Blossoms
4x  Cursed Scroll
2x  Child of Gaea ( Urza's Saga )
1x  Natural Spring

This deck is a simple green deck that works suprisingly well. It could
splah some white for armageddon, enlightened tutor, and disenchant but
it is pretty efficent the way it is. Please put comments in my guestbook!

Difficulty to play                        *
Deck Level                                ***
Fun Factor                                ****
You're dead if you haven't won by the     11th Turn
Largest Enemies                           Black, Blue
Best Friends                              White, Red, Green
Key Cards                                 Worldly Tutor, Cursed Scroll
Construction Price for beginner           $$ = $105

My green deck has been reviewed times

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