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This is the ultimate decks page on the www! Here I will have all of my favorite decks. Most will be mine and If you sign the guest book at Xander's Magic and Civ2 ( My home site ) yours could be RIGHT HERE! I will also have some friends decks and I will try my hardest to make sure that NONE of these decks come from magazines. Below is a list of decks that I have knowledge of. I will try to add at LEAST 1 deck a week but I cannot guarantee it. Enjoy them!

P.S. most of these decks could be improved, so please put suggestions in my guestbook!

These killer Magic! decks have been viewed times.

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My Type 2 Decks

My Green Deck!: Click here to see the worlds best mono-green deck!
My Red Deck!: Click here to see the worlds best mono-red deck!
My Black Deck!: Click here to see the worlds best mono-black deck!
My White Deck!: Click here to see the worlds best mono-white deck!
My Blue Deck!: Click here to see the worlds best mono-blue deck!

Are you lost?

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How to read my decks

The layout of the individual decks pages are as follows:
Difficulty to play: *=easiest *****=hardest
Deck Level: *=worst *****=best
Fun Factor: *=boring *****=fun to play with
Your dead if you haven't won by the ___ turn
Largest Enemies: The colors that stand a threat to this deck
Friends: Colors that this deck can easily defeat and could be added
Key Cards: The most important cards in this deck
Price for beginner to construct: The amount of money it would take to
build this deck if you didn't have any of the cards $=relitavely cheap 
$$$$$=extrmely expensive and then the amount in dollars