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Big Blue

My basic blue deck looks like this:

22x Islands
4x  Counterspells
4x  Spell Blasts
4x  Man 0' War
4x  Ophidian
4x  Tradewind Rider
3x  Air Elemental
2x  Jayemade Tome
2x  Vision Charm
3x  Dismiss
2x  Evacuation
4x  Forbid
2x  Scroll Rack

This is a pretty easy deck to use, although it does take some getting
used to. It should splash some white for disenchant, wrath of God and
reverse damage but this is only the mono-blue counter deck. Sometimes
you don't have to play the control deck with this as you can sometimes 
win with weenies. You can use the vision charm to cancel the effects
of a _____ tutor. This deck is very versital. Check it out!

Difficulty to Play:                        ***
Deck Level:                                ****
Fun Factor:                                **
Your dead if you haven't won by the        22 turn
Enemies:                                   Red, Green
Friends:                                   White!, Black, Blue
Key Cards:                                 Evacuation, Forbid, Vision
Charm, Ophidian, Tradewind Rider
Price:                                     $    =   $50

People have been amazed by the effectiveness of this deck

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