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Black Death

These are the contents of a typical black weenie deck:

4x  Knight of Stromgald
4x  Black Knight
3x  Carnophage
2x  Sacromancy
4x  Terror
1x  Dark Banishing
1x  Necropotence
1x  Crimson Hellkite
1x  Spirit of the Knight
4x  Buried Alive
4x  Living Death
4x  Neekratal
1x  Neither Shadow
1x  Dark Ritual
1x  Commander Greven-il-Vec
4x  Cursed Scroll
20x Swamp

This deck rolls along pretty well although it has many problems
removing permanents. The Crimson Hellkite, Spirt of the Night and
Commander Greven-il-Vec are nice with the Buried Alive/Living Death
combo. The rest of the deck is just there to kill the oponet.

Difficulty to play:                         *
Deck Level:                                 ****
Fun Factor:                                 *****
Your dead if you haven't won by the         13 turn
Enemies:                                    White, Blue
Friends:                                    Red, Green, Black
Key Cards:                                  Living Death, Carnophage,
Dark Banishing
Price:                                      $$$ = $145         

People have been amazed by this simple decks effectiveness

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